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Welcoming speech of the Chairman


Personal Data

Place of Birth – Akhalkalak, Javakhk

Date of Birth – 12.06.1981


1998-1999       Courses at YSU Preparatory Faculty

1999-2003       YSU, Faculty of Journalism, Baccalaureate

2003-2005       YSU, Faculty of Journalism, Master Degree studies

Academic Degree

Candidate of Philology

Professional Experience

2003-2005      YSU Faculty of Journalism, employee at the TV laboratory of the Chair of TV Journalism

2004-2006       Vice-president of YSU Trade Union

2006-present   President of YSU Trade Union

Social activities

1998-present   Founder of Youth Union “Javakhk”, Vice-Chairman

1999-present   Member of Compatriotic Beneficiary Union “Javakhk”, member of the Presidium

2001-2003       President of the Youth Sports and Cultural Union “Vega”

2004-2005       Chairman of Student Union of YSU Trade Union

2006-present   Member of YSU Academic Council

2007-present   Member of Board of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

2007-present   Member of Presidium of the Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations

2007-present   Member of the Board of the Branch Republican Union of Trade Union Organizations of the HEI of Armenia, member of the Presidium

2015-present   Director of the Beneficiary Foundation “Javakhk”


Armenian (native), Russian, English

Awards received

2004 YSU “Best Student”

2004 YSU “Silver Medal”

2009 YSU “Gold Medal”

2014 YSU “Gold Commemorative Medal”

2016 RA Ministry of Defense “Marshal Baghramyan” medal

Marital Status

Married, has two daughters

Party membership



Irrespective of political and economic systems, major part of the humanity worldwide in different times has organized the defense of their social rights using various methods of struggle with the help of different NGO’s and international institutions.

But consolidated and balanced activities in this direction can be organized only by Trade Unions.
YSU Trade Union, throughout 61 years of its existence, has proved for many times that protects labor, legal and social rights of the employees and professorial staff.

Joint, regular, continuous activities and natural generation change of the 61 years old staff witness about this.

Never but today YSU Trade Union is ready to protect the rights and interests of each universitarian.

With hope, love, trust and the belief of being ALMA MATER staunch, we, all together can solve our social, labor and legal problems.

Dear universitarians, I welcome You at the new web-site of YSU Trade Union,

I welcome you at the newly opened official website of YSU Trade Union Organization. I hope that YSU Trade Union web-site will provide You with different kind of necessary information.

We kindly look forward to your suggestions and questions.

With respect: A. Avetisyan   

Staff of Trade Union Organization

Assistant to the Chairman

Edgar Chakhoyan

Date of Birth


2008-2012 Chair of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations of Yerevan State University (bachelor)
2012-2014Chair of International Relations, Faculty of International Relations of Yerevan State University (Master)

Legal adviser

Armine Shumovich

Date of Birth


2004-2008 Faculty of Law of the University of Yerevan  M. Mashtots (Bachelor)

Chief Accountant

Karine Gasparyan

Date of Birth

1970-1975 Department of Accounting and Statistics, Faculty of Economics of YSU

Document controller

Voskehat Zakaryan

Date of Birth

2002-2006 Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Biology of Yerevan State University (bachelor)

2006-2008 Department of Biology, Faculty of Biology of Yerevan State University (Master)

Brief historical review

Trade Union of Yerevan State University was founded in 1946. In the beginning the activities were generally directed to the solution of social problems of the universitarian veterans of 2nd World War and their families. 

Later, Trade Union was generally occupied with the activities in the area of protection of labor social interests and rights of YSU employees.

Beginning with 1955 by now Trade Union used to realize bookkeeping functions and had bank account and seal. The following personalities were the presidents of YSU Trade Union in different years: Arshak Vardapetyan (1955-1958), Martin Fahradyan (1958-1959), Mkrtich Nalbandyan (1959-1963), Mikayel Amirkhanyan (1963-1971), Karlen Abgaryan (1971-1975), Robert Davtyan (1975-1976), Hovhannes Mkrtchyan (1976-1922), Vachagan Galstyan (1992-2006), Armen Avetisyan (2006-present).   

The legislative field of the organization was defined beginning with 2000, when the law on “Trade Unions” was adopted in National Assembly. According to the demands of the law passed on February 12, 2002, during the enlarged session a decision was made, according to which “YSU United Trade Organization” was renamed into “Trade Union of YSU”. The new Charter of Trade Union was discussed and approved during the session. On March 5, 2002, Trade Union of YSU was registered in RA Ministry of Justice, thus receiving the status of juridical person.

Organization Structure


Main objectives and functions of YSU Trade Union
  • To participate in the process of establishment of regulations by the employer, regarding social-economic and legal interests of the members of the Organization.
  • To initiate and sign the collective agreement with Employer and to control the proceeding of it to present and protect social rights and interests of the University staff.
  • According to the existing legislation to regulate the labor disputes of the staff.
  • To cooperate with the RA and foreign Trade unions, unions and other organizations, research and apply their experience, to organize trainings for Trade Union active members.
  • To get and disseminate information on the social-economic and labor issues.
  • According to RA legislation to control the observance of labor legislation and regulations of job defense by the employer.
  • To establish and realize the sanatorium recreation and leisure of the staff, tourist and sports projects and support the development of social cooperation.
Information on the Cooperation of YSU Trade Union Organization

Trade Union Organization of YSU actively cooperates with the universities of Armenia, as well as classical universities of the CIS countries.

In 1996, the Trade Union Organization of YSU acted as the founder of the Association of Trade Unions of Employees of the Universities of Armenia, accessed to the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia as a full member. Chairman of the Trade Union Organization of YSU is a Board member of the presidium of the Association of Trade Unions of Employees of the Universities of Armenia.

Since 1997, the organization is a full member of the Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations of the Universities, since 2007 - member of the Presidium.

Since 2007, YSU Trade Union Organization is a member of the International Association of “General Confederation of Universities.”