2017-12-25 15:27:03


YSU Trade Union Organization continues to actively implement a number of social projects.

Yerevan State University and YSU Trade Union Organization continue to actively implement a number of social projects aimed at improving the social conditions of the university staff.

In particular, in order to increase the level of social partnership, a number of steps have been taken in the direction of social policy, focusing on the proper implementation of programs aimed at the restoration of the employees’ health, health care and various social issues.

Varduhi Zakaryan, journalist of “Yerevan University” newspaper, conducted an interview with Armen Avetisyan, Head of YSU Trade Union Organization, about the results of the work, carried out during the past academic year and upcoming programs.

- Mr. Avetisyan, YSU has purchased a medical insurance package for its employees beginning with 2017. At what stage is the program now?

- From January 1, 2017, Yerevan State University has purchased a medical insurance package for its full time employees from Rosgosstrakh-Armenia insurance company, which provides annual insurance coverage, annual compulsory medical examination of employees, urgent medical Assistance in outpatient and inpatient treatment of diseases provided by the contract, provides an opportunity to treat chronic illnesses. 1024 employees of Yerevan State University have applied for semi-annual (January-June) insurance company about 2,000 times and received compensation. The fact is that about 2.200 YSU employees have been included in the medical insurance package and till the end of the year, I am sure that the number will reach 2,000, which already speaks about the success of the program. However, this does not mean that the package will not be further developed. It is worth mentioning that at the initial stage, there was a misunderstanding among YSU employees that the package was not full as it did not include planned surgeries. However, after a number of meetings, since February, the number of applicants has increased. However, there were shortcomings both by the insurance company and the employees which have been settled as a result of our work. Particularly, there was a case when our employee needed urgent heart surgery, which required three stands, but the insurance company was obliged to pay for only one stand, considering the other two planned. After long negotiations, after all, the insurance company paid for three stands because the operation was urgent, and our employee’s life was dependent on it. That is to say, problems are being solved. There has not been a case when YSU employee turns to us and his interests are not protected within the limits stipulated by the contract.

I should add that a new tender for 2018 has been announced, according to which YSU Trade Union Organization is also planning to include compensation for planned surgeries in the new package. We hope that the medical insurance package for YSU employees will be further expanded.

- How was the implementation of other social programs at the university during the past academic year, what problems were there and what changes are planned in the near future?

- All the programs implemented within the framework of Yerevan State University and YSU Trade Union Social Policy are of continuous nature. Particularly, as in previous years, up to 80% discounts for the tuition fees for YSU students, whose parents work at YSU (160 students in total, with a total of 52,701,500 AMD allocated from YSU budget) has been made. 82 employees have received financial assistance (total 15,150 AMD). This year, YSU Trade Union Organization has continued to organize events in the frames of the New Year at its own financial means (tickets and gifts for 2,202 children and grandchildren of employees). Various events are also being held throughout the holidays. About 880 university employees, their family members and students have organized their vacation in Tsaghkadzor educational-production base. And socially vulnerable employees have received a 50% discount here from YSU Trade Union. Just married employees of Yerevan State University receive a five-day free-of-charge ticket for Tsaghkadzor educational-production base, and this year 15 couples have benefited from the program.

Continuing the program “Postnatal Support”, 78 employees were provided with a total of 2.75 million drams. Free legal advisory service continues to operate not only on labor, but also on civil-legal, family, administrative and other legal issues, of which about 96 men have benefited.

Moreover, by the recommendation of our organization and by the decision of YSU Rector 69 disabled employees having received 770,000 AMD premium from the social program implemented since January 1, 2016.

- It is well known that other programs are also being implemented which aim at improving the social conditions of not only university staff, but also other strata of society ...

- Yes, Yerevan State University has a high social responsibility for different layers of the society, so it regularly engages in various initiatives. One of such events is the program aimed at improving the conditions of the families of servicemen who died during the large-scale military operations in Artsakh in April 2016. For that purpose, YSU has been implementing a program of providing monthly cash aid to 56 adolescents of 24 killed soldiers from June 1, 2016. Monthly paid aid for one minor of each deceased soldier’s family is 40,000 AMD and for every subsequent child of the same family - 20,000 AMD.

- How is the working process between YSU Trade Union Organization and the trade union bureaus of other subdivisions and faculties?

- It is necessary to say that, indeed, the work of between YSU Trade Union Organization and the trade union bureaus of other subdivisions and faculties is permanent. The university employees and students voice their problems through those structures, so the connection is quite active. The Chairpersons and Representatives of the Faculties and other subdivisions are also involved in the organization of all social programs, which transmit the information to the relevant groups. In general, the work is being carried out on a high level and in a positive atmosphere of mutual understanding.