2018-05-07 16:59:35


"Rosgosstrakh Armenia" insurance company was again recognized as the winner of the contest for continuing medical insurance of employees of YSU, with which a new agreement was signed.

As you know, from January 1 to December 31, 2017, for a one-year term, YSU has purchased a medical insurance package from the Rosgosstrakh-Armenia insurance company for its main employees.

In order to continue the medical insurance in 2018, YSU has announced a tender, as a result of which three insurance companies had applied, and Rosgosstrakh Armenia insurance company has been recognized as a winner, and YSU signed an agreement with it.

“YSU will pay 67,000 drams annually for each employee, and the insurance coverage will make up to 6 million drams. The document provides a wide range of medical services, clinical, surgical, and more. Unlike 2017, this year’s package also includes scheduled surgeries. This does not refer to chronic diseases,” - said Armen Avetisyan, head of YSU Trade Union.

It should be noted that only the main employees of YSU will benefit from health insurance, and in case of external employees or employees of hourly pay, it will not be used. If you also want to insure your family members, YSU Trade Union is ready to apply to the insurance company to cover them on the same terms. In that case, however, payments must be made by the employees at their own expense.

YSU has provided data about 2104 employees, followed by the signing of the agreement between the parties. Until May 14, employees included in the system will be provided with new health insurance plastic cards of Rosgosstrakh Armenia, which can apply to any medical institution in Armenia and NKR.

“I have to ask our employees to be active, at least once a year to take an annual preventive examination,” - said Mr. Avetisyan and added that in the near future the list of all medical services included will be released.

Here you can get acquainted with the official description of YSU employees' health insurance terms.

If you have any questions about medical insurance you may also consult with YSU Trade Union staff (tel. +37460-710-176).