2018-11-23 20:03:47


5th Congress of YSU Trade Union was held in Charents Hall.

The Congress is held once in five years. 148 delegates of 185 ones were participating in the 5th Congress of YSU Trade Union.

During the 5th reported Congress, the Chairman of YSU Trade Union Committee Armen Avetisyan and the member of audit commission Romik Harutyunyan presented the reports on the activities, some achievements of the financial sphere in the period from 2014 to 2018, election of the members of the commission, the staff of the Trade Union, editing and amendments to be made in the Regulations.

At the beginning of the meeting those present were greeted by YSU Rector Aram Simonyan. The Rector attached importance to the role of Trade Union organization for a big team like YSU.

“I think that the Congress will outstand not only with the discussion of the reports but also with voicing the problems existing at YSU. YSU Trade Union should be more active in relation to revealing the defects of work of the administration, to their elimination and correction so that the university team won’t be affected. So, I wish you a fruitful activity, try to find the best way to overcome obstacles”, said Mr. Simonyan. 

There were 7 items on the agenda. The Chairman of YSU Trade Union Armen Avetisyan first of all presented the report on the work done in 2014-2018 particularly outlining the signing of collective treaty.

“The cooperation between employer and employee has been represented on the level of collective treaty since 2006. Attaching importance to employer-employee relationship and taking into account the finish of the term of the collective treaty, on May 20,2015 a new collective treaty was signed between YSU Rector and YSU Trade Union Organization. The treaty was worked out beforehand at the joint commission created by the employer and Trade Union Organization, then it was discussed and approved by YSU team. It gives additional guarantees and possibilities to represent and defend the labour, professional, economic rights and interest of YSU employees”, said A, Avetisyan.

M. Avetisyan also added that the terms of the collective treaty had expired in 2018 so, in accordance with point 8.5 of YSU collective treaty, YSU Rector and the Chairman of Trade Union Organization have signed the agreement to prolong the collective treaty for 1 year.

The Chairman referred to YSU employees’ salary increase during the recent 5 years. Accordingly, the average salaries for different positions have increased by 44 % and more. “Although the salaries have increased the real social situation depends on the purchasing capacity which is twice less than in 2014”.

A. Avetisyan also mentioned that social and cultural programs prevailed in the financial sector of the organization’s activity. More covering programs are financial aid to employees which includes discounts for rest organization, support in emergency situations, one-time birth allowance and so on.

YSU Trade Union Chairman also spoke about the medical insurance package purchased from “Rosgosstakh Armenia” insurance company since January 1.

“The package covers a wider range of medical services -clinical, surgical and so on. In comparison with the previous year this package also includes planned surgery”, said A. Avetisyan.
The YSU TUO Chairman also referred to financing a five-day free trip to YSU base in Tsaghkadzor granted to newlywed employees of YSU.

He also touched upon the social program being implemented for the employees with disabilities since 2016, January 1. Additional pays are provided for all disabled employees depending on the group (1st group AMD 20000, 2nd group- AMD 15000 and 3rd group-AMD 10000).

The member of the Audit Commission R. Harutyunyan presented the report of the commission. In the reported period the commission carried out audits at the end of each year. The activity of the TUO was assessed as satisfactory.

The members of the Audit Commission were elected at the meeting. The elected members are Romik Harutyunyan, Sahak Manukyan and Ara Atayan. The staff of the governing body of YSU TUO was elected too. Besides, editing and amendments were made to the Regulations.

The Chairman of the republican branch union of the Trade Unions of the Universities of Armenia Garnik Vagharshakyan and the Chairman of the Trade Union Bureau of YSU Faculty of Chemistry Razmik Mkhitaryan came up with speeches at the Congress. The first meeting of the newly-elected Committee was held afterwards. 31 members took part in it. There were 2 items on the agenda- election of the Chairman and the Secretary.

The meeting was chaired by the oldest member of Trade Union Committee Razmik Mkhitaryan.

The only candidate was Armen Avetisyan who was unanimously elected the Chairman of YSU Trade Union Organization for 5 years.

At the suggestion of A. Avetisyan, Artashes Mamajanyan was unanimously elected Secretary of TU Committee.