2019-05-10 17:22:14


To carry on providing medical insurance in 2019 YSU announced the competition. Of the 5 insurance companies applied for it “Nairi Insurance” won the competition.

On May 10, YSU signed a contract with the company.

The medical insurance works from May 10 of this year to December 10 for the main staff of the university and the employees involved in scientific activities.

Paying corresponding fees YSU employees can also get insurance for their family members: husband or wife under 65 and children under 18.

Before the insurance cards are ready the employees can make use of the medical insurance with their passports. The cards will be ready till May 20.

The details of medical insurance are available at YSU website.

For more information contact YSU Trade Union, Central building, 4th floor, Room 411. Tel: 010-55-46-12, 060-710-176, extension 11-76 or 11-72.