2019-10-31 13:30:32


YSU Trade Union has suggested to the University Board of Trustees and the acting Rector to increase the basic salaries of employees by 20% in order to improve their social status.

According to the proposal, the Trade Union has taken into consideration the fact, that by the end of the year debates and the following approval of 2020 revenue and expenses (budget) of YSU are expected. And accordingly YSU Trade Union has applied to YSU Board of Trustees and Acting Rector to increase the salaries of employees from January 1.

Speaking to us, YSU Trade Union President Armen Avetisyan said that Article 15 of the RA Law on Trade Unions is the basis for the proposal, according to which the purpose of the trade union is to submit suggestions to the employer regarding the conditions of work and the amount of payment.

"In addition, I must state that the initiative stems from the decision of the supreme body of the Trade Union, congress, to make an offer to the employer to consistently raise the salaries of all employees each year," - Armen Avetisyan said.

He also reminded that according to clause 4.2 of YSU Collective Agreement signed between YSU and Trade Union Organization, employer should take measures to increase the basic salaries of all employees according to the possibilities provided by YSU budget.

According to Armen Avetisyan, salaries can be increased due to tuition fees, additional financing from the state budget and other incomes, as well as reduction of some articles of the YSU budget: "According to the RA Statistical Committee, there is a significant increase in the number of graduates and applicants in this and subsequent years."

According to him, along with the increase of salaries of employees in different spheres in Armenia during the last year, it is important to immediately increase the salaries of YSU professorial staff and other staff.

"As a result of hard work of YSU staff, reserve funds have been accumulated over the years, enabling YSU governing bodies to act more courageously and implement YSU strategic development programs, increasing the salaries of all YSU employees by 20%,Armen Avetisyan said.